Distant Stars Saga

For centuries, the humans of Sol have been at war. But now they are embarking on a brave experiment: Unity, a starship manned by the best and the brightest of Sol. Its mission: to explore the galaxy, offer diplomatic aid and expand humanity’s knowledge of the universe. But can former enemies bury old hatreds?

Heretics of Thran
Set before Shadows of Corinar, a “religious enforcer” gets more than he bargains for in a backwater planet.15,000-word novella. To be released late 2017.

Shadows of Corinar by Tai Weiland

Episode 1: Shadows of Corinar
Six months after leading a scientific expedition on Corinar, Lieutenant Commander Ward was found drifting in space alone and injured with no memory of what happened to the men and women under his command.

Reviled by his peers and accused of being a coward, Ward’s once promising military career is now ash. Ward drowns himself in drugs and despair, believing himself unworthy to live on when so many didn’t. But Ward will soon find realise that he returned from Corinar changed in many ways than one, and that his fate entwined with Unity and in the future of humanity.

55,000-word novel. To be released late 2017.

Episode 2: Nexus Point
110,000-word novel. To be released mid 2018





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