About the news feed aka newsletter

Welcome to the News Feed, where you’ll get the latest news about new releases and other fun stuff. I update the feed first week of every month.

I’ve been resisting the idea of setting up an e-mail newsletter for the longest time. I suspect the last thing you want is another email bashing you over the head with a please buy me!! message. So, this news feed is set up in such a way that you get to control how you’d want to receive updates from me. You can:

  • Follow this newsletter via RSS
  • Have posts sent to you via e-mail (just fill in your details in the “Follow the blog” box on your right)
  • Visit this space at the start of every month

What is this news feed about?

This news feed aka newsletter will feature:

  • Updates on my works in progress
  • Excerpts of upcoming books
  • Announcements of new releases
  • “Interviews” with characters and other fun write-ups about the worlds I create
  • The very occasional piece of art inspired by my worlds
  • The occasional musing about things I find interesting. For one, I’m pretty active on Tumblr, so I may include links to my Tumblr posts

Just a note that this newsletter does not include the free short stories I send out via e-mail. For that, please sign up for my mailing list.

Free short stories? Kewl!

When I have a new release, I gift readers bonus short stories. These stories are about 1,000 to 2,000 words, and are either deleted scenes or a prequel to the book I’m publishing. I’m also a big fan of “slice of life” stories  so you’d get to read stories of my characters doing less-end-of-the-world stuff like going for a vacation on a resort planet. (I love my characters, so sometimes I take a break from torturing them and send them on a holiday.)

Only those on my email list will receive these short stories. I hope you’ll join the fun!





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